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Tree Removal & Pruning:
– Removal of any tree and pruning of all types of trees.
– Chinese Elms only pruned between July 1st & March 31st.
– American Elms only pruned between August 1st and March 31st.
(This is for the prevention of dutch elm disease.)

Stump Grinding:
No stump is too big to be ground out. Price is determined by the diameter and height.

Branch Chipping:
Any branch up to 8 inches in diameter can go through our chipping machine. Costs are based on an hourly rate of 2 men operating the chipper and dump truck.

Brush Clearing:
Small jobs are done manually with chainsaws and brush cutters. Large jobs are done with a FECON brush clearing attachment on a Bobcat Skidsteer.

Aerial Truck Jobs:
Besides normal tree removal & pruning with the Aerial Truck, it is availlable at an hourly rate for any task requiring a worker up to 50 feet in the air.

Residential Renovation/Demolition & Hauling:
We have 2 covered dump trucks with split rear gates which are perfect for any type of renovation demolitions or cleanups of any type.